Bathroom Reno

October 01, 2012

So, we've been renovating our house a little at a time over the last year and we finally got our bathroom done! I am so excited that it's finally useable and even though it's small, it looks fabulous. (don't worry, we have a bathroom downstairs also).  We stripped it down to the studs and it was absolutely worth all the work and headache.

Here's a before. (Warning: The following pictures may be disturbing for some viewers)

I warned you, I told you they were bad. Yes, that would be soap on a rope in the first and second picture, the floor, door, trim, and cabinet are baby blue, and the sink is is what it is. The picture directly above shows the cabinet I absolutely hated with all of my being.  What am I going to store in there, folded American flags???

So, I thought painting would make it better, minus those awful shelves and wallpaper. Wrong. 

This is what happened next.  Somehow I managed to misplace the picture where the walls were ripped out to the studs and the tub was removed.  The funny thing it, I thought it looked better this way then it did to begin with. 

Ta da! New tile floor and surround with a new tub! (Thanks, Kohler) and new walls!  You literally have no idea how wonderful it was seeing just this. 

I was the only one of my husband and family that loved, much less liked my paint color, I LOVE it.  It's this wonderful brownish-gray.  Lovely with the light tiles. Notice the new window too! with obscured glass of course. 

(Drum roll please...)

The finished product!

Yes, it's small, but it's perfect.  Such a HUGE transformation, we could not be happier about the way it's turned out.  Huge thanks to our friend who did all the amazing tile work and my dad who did everything else! Hubs helped..some..haha, but seriously, I don't know what I'd do without them and all their hard work.  

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