Fall Sweaters

October 30, 2012

First I'd like to say I hope everyone on the East Coast is staying safe and warm during this storm, prayers are definitely being sent your way!

Fall has arrived and boy did it make an entrance.  Maybe it just seems that way since we experienced some typical Kentucky weather this last week.  80's to start the week and low 50's to end it, not to mention there's no telling what kind of weather we'll have thanks to Hurricane Sandy.  For me, there's no better fall weather staple than a sweater.  I'm a bit boring and tend to stick to neutrals with a red sweater or two thrown in there, however, neutrals will be forever classic, and you can always throw on a cute, colorful scarf or amazing statement neckless.  One of my favorite stores to get sweaters is J. Crew, and this is where I've gathered all of these little lovelies from.

I love a good turtleneck, so warm and comfy, and a good crew neck or two to put over button-ups or to wear by itself of course!  Not to mention the adorable frenchie sweater they currently have in stock, perfect for fall and for making me smile.

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  1. First of all I want to tell you that your blog is not well designed.Back ground is not so good..any way I think these are some really fine sweaters. winter is coming and we should be ready for that;)thanks for sharing


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