Kentucky Horse Park

October 08, 2012

We decided to make a trip to the Kentucky Horse Park while here in Lexington.  I'd been once before with my family, he had never been, and since I love horses we decided to go.  It was perfect weather, cool, but not too cool.  It was too late to see any shows but we did get to go in the Big Barn where all the giant horses are kept.  It's definitely an experience if you've never been or love horses.  They're absolutely amazing animals. 

This was Collin. 

Jason standing next to Lou, a Clydesdale.  He and he partner weren't even the biggest horses there, which was amazing. 

Apparently this little guy lives here, he kept trying to get into the buildings, he was so sweet.  They asked if we wanted to take him home but I don't think Brewster would've allowed that.  

Secretariat's statue.  Such an amazing story, if you haven't seen the movie, go get it tonight.  

Man O' War, Secretariat and John Henry's strides, massive distances. 

Man O' War's statue and resting place. Beautiful. 

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