Lasagna from Heaven

October 05, 2012

I'm famous in my family for making lasagna, plus it's Jason's favorite, so I make it probably twice a month or so (I get burnt out easily).  I've got the best recipe, it's from the plaid Good Home and Garden cookbook, but I've made some changes of my own.

The original recipe.

I use garlic and onion powder because it's easier (and not everyone wants chopped onions)

The changes I've made to the recipe are, sometimes, I leave out the meat completely, for a veggie version, but other wise, I use pre-seasoned tomato ingredients by Hunt's either Basil & Oregano or the Fire Roasted Garlic.  I usually add a little more Garlic and Onion powder to the meat with some Italian Seasoning.  I add some of Philadelphia's Cooking Cream blends into the cheese mixture, I use the Italian Cheese and Herb blend.  And finally, I've started using just cottage cheese, no ricotta, but you can still use either or both, I've used both when I didn't have enough of one.

Here are all of the ingredients, except the eggs, I forgot to get the eggs out at first. 

I usually put the noodles on first, but you can do one thing at a time, they're just easy since you don't really have to watch them. When they're done, pour out hot water and fill with cool water to sit until you're ready to use them.

Brown the meat with the onion and garlic powder. 

While the meat browns, I make the cheese mixture, but be sure to keep an eye on the meat if you multitask. 

When the meat is browned, pour in the tomato ingredients, don't drain anything, and add the Basil, salt, and pepper, I usually add some more garlic and onion, but only add to your own taste. 

Mix together and put a lid on a simmer it for 15 minutes. 

I swear by this pan lining paper, especially for lasagna, makes for a MUCH easier cleanup. 

Layer 4 noodles. 

Spread half the cheese mixture. 

Please note: I messed up the layering this time, the mozzarella should go after the cheese mixture and the meat sauce should go on top of the mozzarella. Do as a say, not as I do!

I use however much mozzarella it takes to cover well. Repeat the layers, you should have meat sauce on the top of the lasagna.  I usually save the meat sauce to cook last so it's still hot when I layer, makes for less cook time in the oven, about 30 minutes. 

And Voila!  There you have a lasagna sure to please!

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