The Frat Collection

November 22, 2012

One of my favorite retailers, The Frat Collection, make these amazing pocket tees, and they've offered all of you 30% now through Monday, November 26!  Plus, all orders are guaranteed to be delivered by December 21, just in time for Christmas!  They're great to buy for yourself or for friends, and sorority sisters and fraternity brothers!  Don't be fouled by their name though, they're products are for everyone!  I've even ordered a couple shirts myself and can't wait till they come in! 
You choose whatever pocket you like, and then you choose the color tee you want, short sleeve, long sleeve, tank, sweatshirts, and sport shirts!  But beware, choosing is incredibly hard, they're are so many to choose from!  They're for men, women, and even kids!

And the best part about this company? They will donate 10% of your purchase to a charity of your choice!  I donated to St. Jude, but you can choose any one that's special to you!  

Don't miss out! Use the code "Holiday" to get 30% off through the 26th and you'll be sure to get it just in time for Christmas! 


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