November 01, 2012

This was our second Halloween as a married couple, and also only the second time for either of us to live in town where there are even trick-or-treaters!  And we all dressed up this year.  Yes, even Brewster.  We had our little hay bales, pumpkins, and even a scarecrow in our front yard, not just to be festive, but hopefully make our house inviting for trick-or-treaters!  I carved a pumpkin and in record time I might add, thanks to a handy dandy ice cream scoop!

I was Princess Kate Middleton!

Jason was really excited about his scary mask.  I was not, whatsoever.  I'm not into the whole scary Halloween thing so much. 

Brewster, bless his heart, was a little bumble bee!  Isn't he cute!  This was however, the only time he wore it and it was maybe only 10 minutes.  

The pumpkin I carved in about 25 minutes!  I was fairly proud of myself!

I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween!

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