Cake Balls!

December 18, 2012

Christmas is quickly approaching and gatherings with friends and family along with it.  Wondering what food you'll take?  A casserole?  Rolls? Some other side dish? Dessert?  Dessert is always a safe bet unless you've been asked to bring otherwise, but they can be so difficult to transport and should you bring yet another pecan pie or layer cake? Boring. Instead, take cake balls!  Everyone loves cake, and in being in this form makes them MUCH more fun and transportable!  Some of my favorite are good 'ol white cake with any kind of yummy icing and Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Icing. Yum!

They're so simple and easy, and I'm going to show you how to do it!  I use store bought ingredients but you can totally make the cake and icing from scratch if you please!

What you'll need:
Box of cake mix - any flavor, plus the ingredients to make the cake
Regular tub of icing - any flavor
1 package of Almond Bark - I usually use vanilla
Sprinkles - optional! 
Cake pans
Cookie sheet
Aluminum foil, or parchment paper

That's it!

1. Bake the cake.  It doesn't matter what pans you use since you'll be crumbling it up, but I always use a 9x13 because it's easier to crumble in a big pan, and make sure to wait until the cake is completely cooled! I also use Reynold's wrap with the paper on one side and foil on the other.  The cake pops right out, don't have to flour the pan, and don't have to wash the pan! 

2. Put crumbled cake into your biggest bowl.  This is the biggest one I have and it's obviously just big enough. 

3. Put the entire tube of icing in the bowl and start mixing it together!  It may not seem like enough icing, but I promise it is!  If you put more, which I have done, your mixture will become much too "soupy".

4. It should look like this when it's all mixed together!  After you're done mixing it, put some plastic wrap over it and put it in the fridge for a few hours or even overnight, but at least 3-4 hours.

5. When the mix is done cooling, you can start making balls!  I use just a spoon and my hands (if you do red velvet, beware, you're hands will stain a little!) into balls about bite size, maybe 2 bites, but it's totally up to you!  Then you'll set the balls in the fridge for a couple more hours as the mixture will become warm and slightly sticky as you handle it. This is when I put paper on a cooke sheet to set them on, much easier to handle!

6. When the balls have cooled, put half the Almond Bark in a bowl and melt it, it doesn't take long but I put it in for about 1 minute at a time until it's all melted.  Take a spoon and test the chunk of bark, it's often much softer than it appears!

Then you'll start putting your cake balls in a few at a time, cover them, and set them on your parchment paper or foil, I usually just spread a big sheet on the table.  I do half the bark at a time because it's a little easier to manage and I usually have extra balls and not quite enough bark so those usually get eaten!

7. This is where I'll call Jason in to help, after I place the balls on the paper, he'll sprinkle some sprinkles onto the wet chocolate.  (You can do this on your own, but it goes much faster with help! A good way to get the kids involved in the least messy step!)

8. Let them dry!  They'll take a couple hours or you can leave them overnight, with the chocolate covering they wont dry out!  Then you can stack them into just about any container, I like to use the Christmas tupperware you find at Walmart, I can fit pretty much all of them into the largest container.

9. Enjoy! I hope they're a hit with your family and friends! I'm thinking of trying German Chocolate next time, I'll let you know how they turn out!

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  1. Those look amazing! I'll have to try them sometime.

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