Back to School

January 11, 2013

Sorry y'all, I know I've neglected the blog this week but I've been sick with something short of the flu! Good news, I'm back on my feet and feel much much better! All thanks to The good Lord!

Everyone wants to look good first day back to school but finding an outfit always seems so difficult. Having a great outfit seems to set the tone for the rest of the semester for me. If I walk into a class in a well put together outfit, I feel confident and fabulous. And I think everyone can admit they want others to sit there and think, "Wow, she looks amazing!" Right? And I'm by no means saying to walk in in heels, a dress, and costume jewelry, but that having the perfectly layered and comfortable outfit that looks like you put tons of thought into it can go a lonnnng way, and here's what I'm picturing for my first day back!

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