Nail Polish Obsession

February 21, 2013

Ever since I've been able to paint my nails whatever color and whenever, (since leaving HCO) I've become obsessed with not only painting them, but some brands as well! I'm sure you've all heard of or used OPI, also Nicole by OPI, but some you may not have heard of are Essie, Julep, and Butter London, and they are amazing! They really are better than the average nail polish at Walmart to some extent, but they're also a little pricier. Essie and OPI are about the same, around $7 a bottle, and Julep and Butter are the same at $14 a bottle. But you don't have to spend that much! OPI and Essie are large bottles, definitely worth it, and I get all my Julep in Mystery Boxes where you get at least 3 or 4 polishes plus other goodies! And they have great sales fairly often! Butter is the newest polish I've tried and all thanks to my bestie, Jenni, as a birthday gift! 

You can get Essie and OPI at Target and even some Walmarts carry Essie now! Sephora carries Butter and Julep! (Among mannnny other amazing brands, Dior for example). But all sales and Mystery Boxes for Julep from through the website! 

I hope this is helpful for venturing out into the nail polish world! 

Nail Obsession

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