Happy Birthday!

June 28, 2013

So, tomorrow is Jason's birthday, but he's also leaving for Alabama and won't be coming back! This makes me sad but excited because I'll be joining him soon! (For a little while at least.) And since I won't have (alone) time to make a cake for him tomorrow, I did today. What's his favorite thing in the world? (Besides Brewster and I) Golf. So I decided to make him these! 

I've been wanting to do something like this for a long time and I'm so glad I did! 

First you need cupcakes, (duh) but I found these awesome brown cupcake papers, for the dirt and all. 

And while my cupcakes were baking I spent my time making a sheet to put them on, and the flag and hole. I wrapped a cookie sheet in my fav wrapping paper. 

And then took some scrapbook paper and a match (I didn't have any toothpicks, my mom would be proud) 

By then my cupcakes were done, and my cookie sheet was too small for the original layout, so I had to "make it work". Yeah, I'm lookin' at you Tim Gunn. 

It was easier laying out the green (where the flag is for any non-golfers out there), and then the sand trap. I'm gonna assume you know what that is. And then fill in with the fairway (the real grassy part), or if you have the space, follow the original layout, I think it looks a lot better. 

Ice the "green" cupcakes, and roll it in the green sugar, but don't push too hard or the icing will smoosh out. 

The "sand" cupcakes were a little harder, I used light brown sugar but since it's so..sticky? It doesn't roll on like the green sugar, so I had to pick it up and stick it on in clumps and gently smoosh it down. You might know of something that would work better, I think they make brown granulated sugar? 

Keep in mind to keep your cupcakes pushed as close together as possible as you put them together, it'll be more difficult later when they're already laid out. 

Then, put all your "fairway" cupcakes in with the rest and start icing away. I covered the top of the cupcakes and then filled in between the cupcakes at the end, another reason they need to be pushed as close together as possible. 

I would also do the "grass" around the edge of the "green" but, as you will see, I ran out of icing and didn't make it all the way around. (I even left 1 of the 24 cupcakes out, take this into consideration! If you color and bag the green icing on your own, this shouldn't be a problem) 

Now you're ready for the final touches, the flag, hole, and ball! 

I tried to make a golf ball like in the picture by mixing icing and the left out cupcake together and rolling it in these pearls..

But that didn't really work out, so, I cut a plastic pearl off of a toy tiara I had! (Again, mom will probably be proud until she sees that it was her tiara. Oops, sorry Mom!)

Drum roll please...………

TA-DA! I'm pretty proud of myself and Jason hasn't even seen it yet as I'm writing this, otherwise I'm sure I would be gloating even more after his excitement and praises. Whatever, that was vain and I don't care. 

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  1. SO cute! I'm sure he'll enjoy them!




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