Mason Jar Candle Holders

August 02, 2013

I'm sure you've probably seen these on Pinterest but I decided to give them a try and document the process! I haven't put candle in them yet, but I can't wait to! 

I'll show the process for the jar on the right, the one with glitter on the inside of the jar. 

I bought an entire box (12 jars), seems extreme for crafting but they can be a $2 a piece individually and I got the box for around $8! 

For this you'll need Elmer's glue (doesn't have to be clear), a cup, and paintbrush. Put a bit of water in the cup and add glue and mix. You can see there's little in my cup and it already has glue in it. 

Then, after it's mixed, it should still feel gluey but thinner. Then paint the inside of the jar with the mixture. Paint however high or low you like, I like to turn the brush sideways above my "glue line" so the glitter will look like it's "creeping up the sides." 

Then pour some glitter in, this is iridescent but I also did some with gold. I would like to try this with a more dust-like glitter instead of this kind, I think of it as the "sequine-y kind." 

Roll the jar until all the glue is coated. I then turn it upside down and give the jar a few good whacks to knock the extra glitter out. 

And voilà! Let it dry before you put a candle in it, and you may just put a flameless candle in it to be on the safe side. 

Jar number 2! 

Obviously, start with a jar. 

Then, with painter's tape, find where you want the glitter to stop, and carefully, keeping a straight line, wrap the jar. 

It doesn't matter that the top isn't covered, unless you think you're going to be really messy with the adhesive spray. 

You'll need an adhesive spray, or you could just smear Elmer's over it but it will take a little more time to coat and dry. You'll also need a clear coat to seal the glitter, unless you don't mind some stray glitter. The sealer I used is a gloss, I thought about getting the matte, I think it could be interesting. 

Then, over a safe surface, spray the bottom of the jar, but make sure your glitter is near by and ready to go, you'll only have about 15 seconds before it becomes a temporary adhesive, but read your spray for specific directions! 

I pour the glitter on over a paper plate, makes clean up much easier! And make sure to cover the entire bottom. If you miss a spot, just spray the adhesive again and cover again with glitter. Then let it sit for a minute or two to dry. 

Take the sealer spray somewhere very open, the smell is completely offensive. Just give the bottom of the jar a good coat, once it's dry you can give it another. 

After a couple minutes and before it's completely dry, I peel the tape off, slowly. 

And there you are! I've seen others where the top of the jar has been painted and if you decide to do this, I would spray paint the jar before the glitter. I'm not sure how well the glitter would stick to the paint so you could give it a shot or tape off the bottom of the jar. 

Here are some other jars I did with the glitter on the inside, I didn't use the iridescent for the outside but I might do that next! 

Photo cred goes to my mom. Thanks Mom, couldn't have done it without you! 

Have you done anything like this before? If so did you do anything differently or maybe you have a totally different idea altogether, I'd love to hear your ideas or advice! 

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  1. Cute cute cute! I am absolutely loving these! I haven't attempted anything like this but I will be in the near future! Thanks for sharing!


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