Just Maggie

October 12, 2013

I'm sure you've seen that I've changed the name at the top of my blog. The other was just..not right. So, I thought, who am I? I'm just Maggie. And not solely in that, I'm me, no one special or super interesting, just your common wife/college student/wannabe-fashionable-teacher/common person trying to live life as God would have me live it. But a surprisingly large percentage of the times I've introduced myself to someone, I get asked the question, "So, are you Margaret?" And my reply is always, "No(pe, ma'am, sir, what have you), just Maggie."

I'm, just Maggie. 

And in the spirit of "being me," Jason always makes fun of my monkey arms and thinks it's hilarious when I make the "I-don't-know" jesture with my arms so, here it is, have yourself a chuckle. 

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