Bean Boots

December 17, 2013

Bean Boots

The gift everyone will (or should!) love, Bean Boots from L.L.Bean! There's a variety of styles to fit everyone's needs.  As shown above there are different heights, even going to a 10"+ shaft height. (I own the 8" and I LOVE them and I'm hoping to find some mocs from Santa under the tree this year!)  There are also different colors and textures you can get, as shown in the last pair which are felt.  You can also get them insulated, shown in the mocs, or not! They're not just for snow but they're perfect for those rainy days too. I've worn them many times to class, running errands, hiking, and even to school (my kids loved them!). They're perfect for the wonderful men and lovely women in your life, AND, they're not super expensive! For as long as they last and the incredible quality, they are DEFINITELY worth the money.  They'll run you around $100 and less for the uninsulated boots and the prices go up from there if insulated or the felt shaft boots. Not to mention everything they sell is 100% guaranteed, you get a $10 gift card with a $50 purchase, free shipping, AND they're made right here in the USA! What's not to love? 

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