Hopes and Goals: 2014

January 03, 2014

I've seen this, or similar, on several blogs, most recently my friend Rachael Houser's blog (check it out here!), and kind of loved the idea. Thinking about what worked, didn't work, and what I want to work this year helps me set more specific goals and in a more organized way. And without further ado, my what worked, what didn't work, and hopes and goals I'm looking forward to, lists for 2014!

1) Jason finished up his second degree from Morehead State in accounting and now has 2! The other in finance (What a nerd, right? Totally kidding, I love my smart guy!) He was able to pursue more jobs in the field he's always wanted to work in, which leads to my #2!

2) Jason got a job in accounting within the company! We were so excited when he got his current job, we'd been on a bit of a roller coaster with changes his company made, but not only is it what he wanted, it meant no more working midnights! Thank goodness! 

3) We finished renovating our house! To sell it. But at least it got done right?  And it sold in 4 days! So I'd say is was definitely worth it!

4) Started a new adventure by moving to Alabama for said new job, and although I love cold weather, the warm almost year-round will be awful nice! And thankfully we were able to find a house with plenty of room for friends and family to come stay, which makes it easier moving so far away from home.

5) I started my last year of undergrad! (Finally!) It feels like it's been forever but I wouldn't trade the friends I've made for anything and it all worked out for the best! And I got to spend every day with "my kids" in the classroom and I loved every single minute of it.  It made me realize that teaching is what I was meant to do, the connections I made with the kids and the difference I could actually see in the kids because I was there makes my heart happy even now! 

6) I cooked my first Christmas meal, turkey, dressing, and all! And it was delicious! REALLY delicious! And the house didn't burn down. #winning

7) Adam Levine finally won The Voice again!

1) Jason and I started living apart in July, he in Alabama and me still here in Kentucky.  We've gotten to spend a fair amount of time together considering the 8 hours we live apart, but it's still really crappy not getting to see your love and best friend every day.

2) Our poor kitty has some pretty bad allergies and ended up having surgery on his ear so we spent more time at the vet than he and I would like. Not fun for anyone! Bless his heart!

3) My fall semester was pretty stressful with all of the things I had to do for school, practicum hours out the wazoo, classes, and literally 1,000 driving hours. Thankfully, all of that has come to an end, hello student teaching!

4) We were unable to spend Christmas with our families.  Because of work we were stuck in Alabama and although Jason and I spent it together in our new house, we still sorely missed being with our families!

1) Finally finishing up my undergrad and graduating with a degree in Middle School Education!

2) Moving to Alabama permanently to be with Jason!

3) Spending more time at the beach!

4) Having my family come stay with us, it'll be nice having them stay with us and me finally be able to take care of them while they're there!

5) Getting a big girl job.  I can't wait to see what's in store for me, finally having my own classroom will be so nerve-racking and exciting!

6) Blog more this year, read a few books and get a good tan this summer, perks of being a teacher! 

7) Continue refining my fashion sense and being smart about it, you don't have to pay a lot to look good and looking into more avenues like consignment and thrift shops is something I'm looking forward to!

8) Saving money!  Hopefully we can continue our good habits and get rid of the bad ones (or at least work on them), so we can do more things we want to do, whatever they may be!

9) Be more of a housewife. Cooking, cleaning, making sandwiches, all the stereotypical stuff some women hate, I want it. I want to be a Proverbs 31 wife.  Being closer to God will make me closer to my husband and family and nothing is more important than those.  

10) Praying more, reading more, being a better example, this is what I want for myself this year. A better me means I can be better for other people, physically and spiritually.  I can make all the plans and goals I want but neither I or anyone else is guaranteed another minute on this Earth. It's always good to make plans but also remember that there is an ultimate plan that trumps all of ours! 

I plan on revisiting these last 10 Hopes and Goals periodically throughout the year to help keep myself on track, and words or encouragement and ideas from y'all are absolutely welcomed!  What are some of your Hopes and Goals for 2014? 

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  1. Thanks for the shout out girlie! And I love that you're adapting the new way of reviewing the old year and making goals for the new year! 2014 is definitely going to rock our worlds!


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