What's the Word?

January 02, 2014

I was watching the Today Show the other day and they had a guest on who was talking about choosing a single word to, in essence, live by for the year. I started thinking about what my word would be, what I wanted to be, be better at this year, what I needed to work harder on. First, I thought word, God's word, that's what I need to live by and I started writing a list of words that made me not only think of that, but that were specific. Some of the words I wrote were patience, confidence, ambitious, productive, ready, happiness, and selfless. All great words, so what did I choose? 

I chose selfless because I should always be putting others before myself. I'm sure you've heard the little bible class song, "J-O-Y, J-O-Y, tell me what it means, Jesus first, yourself last, and others in between," you literally can't go wrong thinking this way. And I, by no means, am saying that I'm not going to take care of myself, try to eat better, start exercising for once, make sure my eyebrows aren't out of control, etc., but when I can make others happy, I'm happy! And often being selfless includes being patient, ambitious, productive, confidence, and of course happiness, which is all the other words I wrote down, kind of perfect right? 

So what will your word be? What single word can you post in your office, on your mirror, put on your phones background, what word will define you this year?

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