Winter Skin

January 06, 2014

Along with cute clothes, flurries, and holidays, Winter also brings dry skin.  Unfortunate. And if you're like me and are prone to dry skin, winter can literally turn you into an upright crocodile.  Gross.  So, I've decided it I would share my favorite products to help prevent dry winter skin.  I pretty much do this year-round but consistency is most important during the winter!

Winter skin

1) Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Wash.  I don't care how much lotion you use, body wash is crucial.  Forget the pretty scented stuff, it won't moisturizer your skin like a moisturizing wash will. Personally I'd rather use a perfume for scent and not be able to make a croc print handbag out of my own skin. 

2) Use an exfoliating loufa/pouf.  You can find these anywhere they sell them, Walmart, Target, etc., but make sure you read the tag.  You can also tell by the feel, the non-exfoliating poufs feel slicky, the exfoliating ones will be more rough. 

3) Aveeno lotion.  It's the best lotion I've ever used and believe me, I've tried a lot. The key is putting on right after you get out of the shower, body, and face. Yes, I put this lotion on my face first because it seems to being to "dry out" the fastest, then legs, and wherever after that. 

4) Sometimes a scrub will do you a world of good on those really dry areas, I usually do my legs top to bottom and even my face occasionally.  But there's no need to go and get the expensive stuff, or even buy it at all! You can make your own with olive oil and granulated sugar, the oil really does wonders for your skin!

5) Neutrogena Hand Cream, this stuff is the most wonderfully concentrated lotion. Ever. Smells great and literally just a tiny dab will do ya.  Amazing, practically instant results and it's perfect for use all over you're body, I've used it on my face even! And it fits perfectly in your purse or school bag. Perfect.

A couple more tips to combat dry winter skin!

1) Don't take super hot showers. Hot water really dries your skin out, take warm showers and if you have to, turn the heat up right at the end before you get out (is what I do). 

2) Sleep with socks on. OR, anytime you're about to put socks on, grab lotion, smother your feet, then put the socks on.  I sleep with socks, they're the one part of my body I can't seem to keep warm, but I like to use Vaseline!  I promise a week or so of sleeping with Vaseline and socks will change your feet...over night..sorry, I couldn't resist. 

3) Drink LOTS of water. Lots. A hydrated you means hydrated skin. Win, win. 

4) Don't forget the Chapstick! 

What are some products or things you do as part of your routine? 

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