Friday Favorites

February 07, 2014

This Friday, I'm all about the Olympics!  I LOVE the Olympics, the bringing together of people from all over the world, the sportsmanship, the competition, the pride and love I feel for my country, and winning all the gold medals.  I. Absolutely. Love. It.  Summer, winter, I love it.  I can't wait to see the Opening Ceremony and all of our Olympians marching in carrying our flag, looking fabulous in Ralph Lauren.  If you love the Olympics as much as I do, we can be friends.  Some of my favorite events include bobsledding, luge, snowboarding, skiing, speed skating, and figure skating.  So basically all of them.  Oh whale, what can I say, I love it!  Go Team USA!!

Will you be watching tonight? What are some of your favorite winter events??

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