Prep Essentials {Clothing}

February 20, 2014

I'll be doing some posts over the next few weeks on prep essentials, starting with clothing. These are things every self-proclaimed prep should have in her closet. I stick to the belief that it's not all about the brand, it's about style. I'll admit I'm a habitual button-down/sweater combo kind of girl during the cold months and an oxford/chino kind of girl in the warmer months, but those aren't the only fabulous preppy outfits out there, below I have some of my favorite preppy pieces! 

1. Seersucker. You can never go wrong with seersucker. Also, how adorable is that dress? 

2. Oxford button-downs. Classic. 

3. The Striped Shirt. Will always and forever be a preppy classic, navy and white are even more of a perfect color combination when used in a striped shirt.

4. A Vineyard Vines Shep Shirt. There is no other pullover you'll ever need. Dress it up, dress it down, it's always appropriate. 

5. A Barbour Jacket. This item has yet to grace my closet but it will. Hopefully sooner than later.

6. Quilted Vests. J. Crew is the obvious choice and I still can't get over this herringbone one that I decided to wait on when they first came out and just like that, gone forever. But any and every color needs to be in my closet, I'm unashamed to say I'm totally vest obsessed. 

7. Cable Knit Sweaters. Ralph Lauren and BrooksB Brothers kind of have a lock on the classic preppy cable knit, but I can tell you that I'll never turn one down especially if it's navy.

8. Plaid. Fall/Winter prep must have. Shirts, skirts, pants, coats, any and everything looks good in plaid.

9. A leather belt. Having an anchor is just a gigantic plus. 

10. Chinos. Shorts, pants, in every color is completely necessary. J. Crew, vineyard Vines and Lilly are some of my favorite with the amazing bright and classic colors and the non-hoochy lengths at an average of 5" inseams which are not too long but still classy, and even the 3" inseams aren't too short, but if there's one thing being preppy doesn't entail, it's being trashy.

11. Lilly Pulitzer. The ultimate preppy girl's dream is having a closet full of Lilly. Bright, fun, classy, and totally classic, it will always be in style in the prep world and one day your daughters and granddaughters will fall in love with your "vintage Lilly." I love mine and if you don't have some yet, I can guarantee that when you do you'll fall in love. You never forget your first Lilly. 

Prep clothing

What's your favorite prep essential when it comes to clothing? 

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