Friday Favorites

March 07, 2014

Continuing the theme of hair from yesterday and promising to share new products that ventured my way, my Friday Favorites this week are my new shampoo and conditioner from Not Your Mothers (NYM from now on)! I went to the store yesterday in need of shampoo and some other things and I came across these, I had no idea this brand was carried there, it must be a recent addition, and one I am very thankful for! 

I'm the girl who spends way too much time in the shampoo aisle, reading, smelling, wiping the product off my face when I squeeze the bottle too hard...all I wanted was the smell of the product in my nose, not the actual product...oh whale, it's a risk worth taking I suppose. Anyway, I picked these up and compared it to what I already had in my hands from the Organix line, and even though the Organix is a better buy comparing price and amount you get, I figured the NYM would run out quicker and therefore I could try another brand sooner should I not like it, but there was just something about it, maybe the name Long & Strong, and if you know me, I've never had anything but long hair, so long story not so short, I bought it. If you thought my rambling about the process of buying hair product was awful, you're not alone, Jason literally hates being with me when shopping for such things. But oh whale. It's what makes me, me, right? Right. 

As soon as I put it into my hands, I knew it was going to be a good thing. Both the shampoo and conditioner are super thick and creamy and smell absolutely amazing. I was actually ashamed of putting the previous stuff I was using on my hair, no wonder it's been less than luscious! 

I've only used this stuff for a very short time and I'm already in love, I would absolutely recommend getting this next time you buy new shampoo and conditioner! I can't wait to try more of their products! 

Do you use NYM products, and if so, what? If you don't, what brands and products do you use?

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  1. Hello. Huge fan of your blog! I have been seeking out a nice shampoo/conditioner for longer/stronger hair. After reading your blog, I decided to give NYM Way to Grow a try. I was just wondering if you are still using this product and, if so, what you think after 2 months of purchasing it? I tried it this morning - my hair looks and feels awesome. Thanks! =)


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