It's March

March 25, 2014

First, these pictures were taken a while back during one of the big snows we had, but this morning, running late, looked out the back doors, and there was snow. All over everything. Awesome. Thankfully it was just a pretty snow, didn't stick to roads or anything, but yeah. It's March. The 25th. K weather. K. But anyway, although it was a cold, very windy day, it was all gone by the time school was over and warmer days are ahead! Thank goodness!

So in honor of this late March snow, I decided to share some more amazing photos from my shot with my lovely and very talented photographer friend Rachael Houser from Rachael Houser Photography! Enjoy!

Sweater: Gap // Shirt: Kohl's // Skirt: J. Crew // Boots: Michael Kors 

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