Spring Floral

March 05, 2014

I've been digging into spring trends, and even done a couple posts, one on collared shirts, the other blush pink.  There are definitely more trends out there I haven't gotten around to yet, one being florals.  And no, not the kind on grandma's couch and curtains, but bright, fun, and modern florals.  I was scrolling through Pinterest, and up pops this amazing photo of not just a pretty girl, but a fab outfit, and low and behold, what is she wearing? A (bright) blush pink blouse (sans collar, but you know) and a bright and fun floral skirt.  Three of this spring's hottest trends all wrapped up into one fab outfit. How perfect, right? 

Unfortunately the link attached to the photo wasn't the original source but if I find it I'll definitely be sure to let you know! 

And since there was no source, I regretfully can't tell you where the outfit pieces are from, but I did, of course, put together another version! I LOVE this skirt, the fullness of it is perfect and the midi length (another spring trend) is and forever will be super classy. Of course, with the length of the skirt, it's important not to chop your legs off with a super strappy sandal, but a pump will elongate the leg making you and the skirt look better. Also, with the busy floral pattern, it's important to keep the accessories simple and neutral, and with the girliness of the skirt, I love the tooth necklace to bring a teeny bit of edge to the outfit. 

Bright Floral

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