Weekend Recap {SEC Tournament}

March 20, 2014

So, I've been on a bit of a hiatus the last few days, but I ended up being completely spontaneous this last weekend and it was so crazy it took me a couple days to recover! 

Thursday Jason calls me up and says, come to Atlanta. That's right. For the SEC Tournament (WHAT?!). Me being my uptight self said there's no way, blah blah, I don't have enough info about it blah blah. Long story short, about 2 hours later I said the words....we were heading to Atlanta! 

So I left after school and we met Friday night at the hotel, which was awesome, as was getting to see Jason who I hadn't seen since Valentine's Day!  

But enough of the boring, I'll let the weekend's pictures do the rest of the talking! 

So, our hotel room was awesome. The wall of glass, perfect.

The view from the gym was amazing!

SEC Fan Fare!

Just one of the many decked out Kentucky Fans.

We met the Sonic commercial guys! They  were super nice and funny in person! I also don't know how they fit in that car ha.

All our passes and tickets, lookin' official!

One of our passes got us into the owner's club! The other pass was a different invite only club! We're both now totally spoiled.

Double fisting the food. It was so delicious and everything was free! (The two men in the background just happened to be recognized before the game as some of the top SEC players of all time. No big.) 

Go Cats! 

Even though we lost in the final, I at least got this guy in a Kentucky shirt and actually cheering for Kentucky! 

It was such an amazing weekend, I'm so glad I finally did something totally spontaneous! Especially since this was literally a once in a lifetime, Jason won the tickets and passes package from work so everything (except the hotel) was FREE! Seriously doesn't get any better than that! 

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