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April 21, 2014

Besides getting yourself and all your clothes to college, getting the essentials for your dorm room, getting your books, schedule, and trying to find your classes ahead of time so you don't look like a total freshman (and sometimes a lazy/senioritis stricken singer), there are tons of things you don't think about needing or even realize you need. So, I've put together a list of things that would make great graduation gifts! Or things to buy yourself with all that graduation money!

1. A weekender/tote bag. Whether for a trip home for the weekend or a gym bag, trust me, you'll need one. Or three. 

2. A super cute phone case. Don't ask why, I'm sure you've currently got one on your phone, but things change when you go to school. Start fresh. Let people see the real you, not something influenced by high school friends or trends.

3. Coffee mugs and tumblers. Ain't no one got enough flex dollars to buy drinks every day, get yourself a little collection of cute cups and you'll be happy to take your own drink to class every day. (Besides the occasional Starbucks, but they make Via for that!) 

4. A throw/stadium blanket. From dorm room, to the quad, to those chilly football and baseball games. You'll need one. 

5. An umbrella. Yes, it might matter a little how cute it is, but I promise, you won't care how cute it is when it flies inside out right in the middle of campus during prime time.  You'll wish with all of your being you'd gone for the much sturdier plain one. Then again, if you've never had your umbrella fly inside out in front of what seems the entire university, did you really go to college?

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