College {Dorm Room Essentials}

April 01, 2014

Maybe it seems too soon to be talking about going off to college, buying stuff for the dorm you don't even have yet, but, it'll be here before you know it and it's the perfect time to let loved ones, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and such, what you'd like for graduation, or know what you're saving that graduation money up for!  

Living away at school, even if your only an hour or less away, making it feel like home is super important.  Your dorm or apartment will be your new home, where you go to every day, sleep, eat (most often badly), study, make friends, and make memories, so it's important your space is up to the task of being the perfect place to do all those things! 

What's your style? What's your taste? What do you want your new home to feel like?  This is your chance to "start new".  When's the last time you completely re-did your room at home?  Exactly.  Now's the time to refine your taste as your beginning that road to adulthood.  Start with the bedding.  After that everything else will really fall into place! 

After bedding, think rugs and pillows/blankets.  These will accentuate your style, add more of a personal touch.  Then think about lighting.  You may have to wait to see what the room is like first, do you need a lot of lighting, a little, is there enough natural light, etc..  After you see what your room is like, if you'll have your own room, or if you'll be sharing with a roommate, that's when you should get more into decor.  Make sure you've got a clear idea of items you need/can use!  Below are some of my favorite things/ideas for your future home away from home! 

Dorm Essentials

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