Saturday Simplicity

April 26, 2014

Today is probably one of, if not the, nicest days we've had so far this Spring. Warm enough that when the breeze blows in the shade it feels just right. Those 80° days with a nice breeze are hard to beat. Especially when spent on a front porch swing! Starting with an amazing living at it's finest y'all. 

Catching up on some of my favorite reading. 

A new mani in Peach Daiquiri from Essie 

Hangin' out with my little guy who...

Decided chasing a Garter Snake around would be fun...and later some blue-tail lizards.

That is until he got worn out. But today was perfect for a cat nap. 

And then out to eat with my parents! All in all, it was a pretty awesome day. Jason PR'd his 10K time at a race at Auburn University and that only made my day better! 

I hope everyone else had a wonderful Saturday, anything particularly fun or relaxing? 

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