DIY Tassel Garland

May 23, 2014

Hello Memorial Day weekend! Maybe you're having a party, maybe just the fam, or maybe you're like me and feel the need to decorate for every holiday, even if it's just a little! If you're like me, you don't want to spend a ton on holiday decor either though, and get satisfaction from DIY projects, I have the perfect thing for you!

I've been seeing these garlands everywhere lately and of course thought, I can do that! Then, on my new favorite idea mecca, Brit + Co., I found this article! Perfect! I'm going to show you how I did it!

What you need: 
Tissue Paper

Seriously, that's it? Yep. And you may have everything you need already! I'm a tissue paper hoarder, I buy it and I keep all the cute stuff, but it's usually wrinkled. No problem! You can IRON your tissue paper flat again! I went and got some, but with buying the tissue from the Dollar General and the twine from Lowe's, the whole project (plus future projects I can just the leftovers for), cost me $8! Sweet!

First: Fold the paper long side to long side. Mine is obviously square, so I folded top to bottom.

Second: Fold short side to short side, or width wise. Do this twice. 

Third: You're going to cut the tissue paper, from the "non-folded" bottom, into strips, leaving about 2 inches uncut at the top. Then, unfold the tissue paper completely.

Fourth: You're going to start rolling the tissue paper in the middle. The tassels will tangle and it's much easier if you untangle every couple rolls as you go, it's kind of a mess if you wait till the end! 

Fifth: When you're finished rolling, you're going to twist the middle and create a loop, then tie off with a piece of twine.  Then do more, more, and some more until you have all the tassels you need for your garland! 

I strung my tassels on and hung it up before I cut my twine so I could make sure I had enough string to span the area I wanted to hang it, and so that I could space them out the way I wanted. This is seriously one of the easiest DIY projects and so cheap, but looks amazing, everyone will be asking where you got it!  

It's great for any occasion, and if you don't attach the tassels to the twine, you can totally reuse them! I'm thinking red and white for Christmas, blue and white for UK games, and gold for...everything! I can't wait to make these garlands part of every holiday from here on out, what events would you use them for?!

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  1. Of course always pull that gold and you got 4th of July!! So cute girl, good job!


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