Friday Favorites {Apps}

May 02, 2014

I've recently "cleaned out" my app closet on my iphone...maybe because it told me I had to if I wanted to take any more adorable pictures of I did, and went ahead and cleaned up my iPad closet too. It made me really look at the apps I love most and allowed me to get some new ones that I've fallen in love with!  I almost want to keep the new ones to myself, but, I won't.  So, in honor of being selfless, my word for the year, I'm sharing my current top 5 favorites apps! 

One. Marley Lilly 
Because everyone needs a monogrammed background for their phone and easy access to monogrammed things...right? Or at least coupons and sales! (See my monogrammed background up there? How adorable, right?!) 

Two. Bloglovin'
I love this app because it puts all of my favorites blogs in one place! It shows you if you've missed anyone's posts, and gets right to heart of the matter, the content. It doesn't show the blogs as if you were reading on the blogger's actual site, but if gives you the link to go there! (P.S. You should head over to Bloglovin' and follow me! :))

Three. Polyvore
I love this app. I actually create a ton of my posts on here, you can put together practically whatever you want, fashion ideas, home decor ideas, gift ideas, the options are limitless.  Not a blogger? No need to create a set of ideas? That's cool too! You can look at everyone else's sets (that's what they call the posts) and get ideas from people like me! Every day they have new ideas and such like below, and you can follow your favorites! 

Four. Waterlogue
I'm not one to pay for apps. But this one, I'm totally glad I did.  It "watercolor-ifies" your pictures, making them look like beautiful works of art! I'm already thinking about how I can print them off and use them in my house! Here are just a couple pictures of mine! And by the way, I am totally obsessed with putting my pictures into this app. It's quickly becoming a problem. 

Five. Brit + Co. 
Of all the apps I've shown you so far, this has got to be my favorite. It's like Pinterest, but better.  The super talented people over at Brit + Co. (at least I think they all work there) put together "pins" that are also articles.  Tons of categories and ideas on practically anything you can imagine, but they're articles too. Kind of like a Pinterest blog if you will.  No more searching for the original source, or trying to find where the "pin" came from for a tutorial or recipe.  This is seriously my go-to when searching for ideas now.  I've been kind of obsessed with macarons this last week and through this app I was able to find not only a great recipe, but recipes and ideas ranging from Martha Stewart to awesome bloggers, and they were all in the same post! No searching for this or that, it was all gathered, right there in that article, for me. Here's some of my favorite posts! They post so many daily, and I've yet to check today so hopefully while you're reading this, I'm finding new things I want to try! 

What are some of your favorite apps? Do y'all use any of these already? 

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