Memorial Day

May 26, 2014

Today is the day we've set aside to remember those who have fought for this great country of ours, making sacrifices, even their lives. From the days of our Founding Fathers freeing this country from foreign rule, to freeing others from oppressive rule in World Wars and the Middle East, we've been proud to be Americans and proud of all the men and women who have, and do fight for us. I'm so proud of my family's rich history, grandfathers serving in the Army and Air Force, as POW in Germany, great-grandfather in the Navy, and ancestors buried on our family farm who fought in the Revolutionary War. Remember the fallen, those who have sacrificed, and those who are willing to die for this country I love so much. Thank them. 

I don't think there's another country on earth with the patriotism and nationalism that we Americans have. I hope you're wearing your red, white, and blue proudly today, and wear it often, I know I am! God bless America! 

tank: Rowdy Gentleman // shorts: Krass & Co. // sandals: Jack Rogers // headband: Target 

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  1. Yes there is: Iranians and practically every country with a we-are-the-best attitude has this kind of "amazing" patriotism and nationalism. I always wondered how someone can think that that is a good thing: thinking that your country i better than all the others, especially when you have never lived anywhere else.
    Patriotism is the cure for the minority complex of the less fortunate: if you don't have something that you achieved to be proud of, be proud of something that has nothing to do with you and just accidentally happened to you, like were you are born.


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