Run for the...wait...why am I running again?

May 31, 2014

That's right. Two weeks ago I started running, and of you know me personally, you know that is not my thing. I might jog to the fridge. Or into Starbucks. J. Crew even. But running? Nah. Jason is an avid runner, with many a 5k, a few half-marathons, and a couple marathons under his belt. We've tried to run together but that's a no-go. I'm so competitive I hate to suck at something as "simple" as running and clearly I hold him back. It's not a good situation for either of us. But since I've moved to Alabama, out for the summer, and with a super nice park with a 3-mile trail, I decided I'd give it a shot.

My Dad was sweet enough to buy me a new pair of running shoes because I'd gone a few times at a park at home with terrible shoes and then hurt my ankles fairly badly, as in, felt as if I had crushed them and was literally unable to walk. Gross. But the shoes, Brooks Adrenaline's, are awesome. I stuck some sole inserts in and bam, perfect. It's rare I can wear an athletic shoe which I actually use for athletic things without putting an insert in them. 

Back to running though, I've "run" 6 times in the last two weeks. Run-walk actually. Maybe I'll do a post on my schedule later. But today, I ran my trail in a race. Jason signed us up two weeks ago. That's right, before I even started running. I'm proud to say however, that I did it and beat my best time by about 3:30! I ran 1.3 miles without stopping at a 9:33 pace, which is a huge deal for me, considering I've only run 6 times! I even ended up with a trophy haha; keep in mind that there were only about 50-60 people in the race. But hey, I did it, and I wasn't last!

Walking up to the registration table this morning, I was still unsure if I was even going to run. Then I remembered that commercial where the man comes across the finish line as they're taking the signs down and cleaning up. Yes, I realize that's just a commercial, but still. If he could do it and be proud, so could I. I had also been praying last night and even during the race that I could just make it through without getting hurt or my shoulder cramping as it did during my last run. If He would just hold off the cramping till the end. I also repeatedly thanked Him that it was cloudy, which is huge when the humidity is 98% at 8am. The Lord brought me through it and faster and better than I've done. It wasn't the training, the shoes, or the commercial, it was him. He knew I needed shoes and my Dad gifted them to me. He knows I need encouragement, he gave me Jason and the thought of that commercial. He knew I had struggled the run before with the sun and humidity and made it cloudy. He knew the pain in my shoulder and as soon as I finished, bam, shoulder cramp. That's all I asked and He heard me. He gave me strength. All thanks be to God! I'm also super proud of Jason for finishing second in the race with his own 5k PR of 20:17! Go us! 

I proud of myself for looking for God's answers and encouragement, something I need to be better at. He answers are prayers, but are we watching for the answer? I realize not all prayers are answered so clearly and quickly, but let it be a lesson in watching. I can't wait to see what's ahead, hopefully I can get back into the flow of running after we get back from Seattle! Just get ready for more running posts. Maybe. Haha. 

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