Style Sunday

May 04, 2014

Style isn't always about clothes, it's about hair and makeup too. I've long the hair style arena, long and straight with the occasional wave from a braid.  Short hair? Nope. Never. So far I've passed the marriage milestone with flying colors.  Background info: my mom has always said, women cut their hair after marriage or a baby. This, I have seen over and over again myself.  But I refuse to do so.  I honestly don't know what I would do without my ridiculously long hair.  Even though it grows pretty fast.

However, I love getting my hair cut. My last haircut? August. Isn't it ironic..don't ya think? Tuesday, will be the day. I'm getting it cut again. I got it cut a little more than 6in. last time, but I don't plan on going that short again this time.  My plan is to just keep up with cuts more often so it doesn't get so damaged...yikes. 

I'm kind of loving these styles, long and layered.  My hair is so fine but there's so much of it, it's a little bit difficult to style, so something that looks good straight, is the cut for me! 

Images from my Pinterest board Lovely Hair

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