Sweet Home Alabama

May 19, 2014

First, I apologize for my absence for the last week but it's been quite busy with lots of important things happening! My last weekend at home in Kentucky, then my first week as a permanent resident in Alabama! Clearly I took the week off and I'm glad I did with so much stuff to do this first week, most importantly, getting myself and Brewster settled! 

I have to say, I'm extremely glad to be here "for good" as all the lovely people down here say. However, I still feel like I should be packing up to go back home to Kentucky, as if I were just visiting like every time I've come down this past year, so I've yet to feel that deep sense of homesick even though I really do miss seeing my parents every day! 

I think I've been more worried about Brewster though, he LOVED living out in the country, running around with the dogs and Daddy wherever he wanted, exploring and such. I could tell he was a little sad the first couple days but now that he's use to the house and the backyard, he's perked up to be himself again. Especially since he figured out how to jump the fence a couple days ago. Oh well. He didn't run off! Yay! And we're really thankful his allergies haven't seemed to bother him like they were in Kentucky but everything bloomed and pollinated weeks ago here where as things were just gettin started really in The Bluegrass.

All in all, we're doing alright so far! Got my patio just almost perfect and we've already been enjoying mornings and early afternoons out there. (More to come later!) I just ask y'all keep us in your prayers, especially me while I start looking for my very own classroom! Eeek! 

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