What I've Learned So Far

May 05, 2014

Writing a blog isn't the easiest thing in the world, especially if you're short on time. In the beginning, I kind of knew what I wanted to blog about, but it was a pretty messy start. Changing names, more than a couple times, and focusing on what my blog would be about took time. Like, over a year. I'm by no means an expert even now, but, I have learned a few things! 

1. Know who you are.

Know who you are and what you want to tell people. What's special about you that you want people to know? Do you have great style? Whether clothing, beauty, hair, interior design, etc., show people! Do you craft, or cook, there are a thousand and six things you could blog about, find what fits your best!

2. Name your blog wisely.

Listen to me people, after four..I think..name changes, it is not easy once you start. Especially changing your web address, and even more especially after a post goes viral and changing it would eliminate all of its traffic. Unless you go to a pro or are one and have the traffic redirected. This is very important people! Choose a name that has meaning for you, something that represents who you are.  If you ever feel embarrassed telling people your name, even the slightest hint, don't do it. That was me. There was always a nagging hint of embarrassment, for whatever reason, until I came up with a name that was significant to me and who I was. 

3. Post regularly.  

Make a plan, write it down.  Once you get out of the habit, it's hard to get back on that train! 

4. Read.

Find blogs you love and read them daily! Never plagiarize someone's work, but maybe your favorite blogger is wearing a fab floral outfit and bam, floral inspiration. 

5. Link, link, link. 

When creating a post, always give credit where credit it due, link back to the original source if possible, but never claim something that isn't yours. 

6. Network!

Don't be afraid to network, talk to people, other bloggers, companies, etc., the worst they can say is no, right? This is something I'm still working on, so I'm talking to myself here too!

7. Have a good look.  

Purchasing a $15 blog design is totally worth it. It'll make you feel more confident about your blog and will draw interest much more quickly, especially if you want to collaborate with a company! When talking to companies about collab work, they will check out your blog before agreeing to do business with you. Also, picture taken by someone other than yourself in a mirror is always best. Another thing I'm working toward :). 

8. Study your stats!

I use Blogger so I'm not sure about other providers like Wordpress, but with Blogger you can check stats like which posts are most popular, what links as providing you with the most traffic, what sites, etc. and in different time frames! You can see what google searches are bringing people to your site and even what devices and from what countries! (tutorials are great in any language!)

9. Use social media to your advantage! 

Pinterest is a biggie. Don't be afraid to pin stuff from your blog or link to your Instagram or Twitter, etc., but don't use a social media outlet if you're not already a regular user when starting out, you don't want to overwhelm yourself! 

10. Have fun!

The blog should be for you! Don't write just for other people because what you write won't be genuine, and this is something I've struggled with in the past.  Don't write a dinky post every day just to post every day, try to start with 3 days a week and write posts as they come to you! Think quality over quantity. :) Remember, you live your life for you, so write for you too! If you enjoy what you're doing, other people will too! And don't box yourself in, if you're a mainly style/fashion oriented blog and cook some amazing dins, blog about it! 

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