Sunday, June 22, 2014

First Day of Summer! {AKA: National Wear Your Lilly Day}

Yes, I realize yesterday was the first day of summer. And it KILLED me that the weather man was like, "It's more like spring weather, blah blah..." WHAT? It's been in the 90's for weeks! What is the weather "supposed" to be like down here? Death Valley? Ugh. Anyway, I'm enjoying this, "spring-like" weather and thought it was perfect for National Wear Your..I mean..the first day of summer..nah, let's just call it what it really is, National Wear Your Lilly Day! 

Throughout the day I had a couple outfit changes, but let's be honest, I had a few outfit changes all weekend trying to get as much Lilly in as I could. 


Saturday {THE Day!} 

Obviously I had to change so I could dominate at putt-putt. Kidding. But really.


Tonight it came a total downpour before church so clearly I had to match my dress to my rain boots. 

Dresses & Shorts: Lilly Pulitzer! (Duh) // Sandals (Friday & Saturday): Jack Rogers // Cardigan: J. Crew // Wedges: TOMS // Rain Boots: Hunter 

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