June 18, 2014

There aren't more things to brighten up and revitalize you and your home than fresh flowers. Even if they're not super fragrant like my favorite gardenias, they just make you feel better. 

Recently we had some of Jason's family come stay with us so I went out and got a couple bouquets of flowers, I already had all the fabulous DIY'd vases, see my post Golden Mason Jars!  I got two bouquets of Baby's Breath and one of white Astramaris. 

I had 3 mason jars and 2 tall vases, all DIY'd with gold paint, which makes the perfect monochromatic arrangement! 

First I divided up the Baby's breath into all the vases, and then decided to put the Astramaris in just the mason jars. It took some putting in the vases, taking out, trimming, putting back in, trim some more, until they were just tall enough to look full, sticking straight up out of the vase and not leaning. 

I feel like Baby's Breath is way underrated when it comes to flower arrangements, but they make a big statement when in a vase alone or with other white flowers.  Also, these guys have lasted almost 2 weeks now! Talk about bang for your buck when I got all 3 bouquets for $12! 

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