Friday Favorites {The Maxi Dress}

June 20, 2014

The maxi dress is nothing new to the scene, and although I've bought a couple dresses in the past, I never really wore them much.  The were sort of plain, and just not the, style, I dunno, but they weren't something that came out of my closet often.  
However, today I've been frequenting Old Navy fairly often lately and this spring they came out with some super cute maxi's but I didn't want to pay full price.  So I waited.  I went in the other day, and it was like an omen.  All the most adorable dresses...wait for it...were on sale!  I love sales!  I have to say, I went back today and bought 3 maxi dresses, all for amazing deals.  But I digress, basically, these dresses will be making quite the number of appearances in the future!  One of the dresses I bought is the floral dress on the left, much cuter in person I might add.  
Maxi dresses have evolved to be more than just the dress you throw on to be strictly comfortable on the days you didn't feel like shaving your legs, they're appropriate for every occasion!  Below are some of my favorite looks from casual to "fancy," you can literally wear these beautiful dresses anywhere, anytime. 


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