It's a "Southern Tradition"

June 14, 2014

First post back from vacation and I'm featuring one of my favorite Southern brands, Southern Traditions!  Based in Birmingham, Alabama, it has true southern roots, literally.  Their brand dons a huge tree (oak tree maybe?), which appears on most of their apparel, accompanied by other great designs! 

The guys over at ST are great, so great in fact they sent over some tees that are now my favorite!  They made the cut when choosing tees to take to Seattle with us, and if you're like me, it's difficult narrowing things down to fit in your suitcase!  But on to the good stuff, the actual review!  I ordered medium shirts, I needed some new comfy big ones and Jason can wear them too! So y'all have a bit of a treat with Jason modeling one of the shirts! 

I love the "Signature Collection USA" tee, the flag in the background of the tee, and of course, because it says America!

I love everything about this comfort color "Southern State" tee too, with all the southern states in their flag, what more could you need? 

And of course, you can't go wrong with a "Signature Collection AL" tee when you live here! And no worries, other state Signature Collection tees are available too!

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  1. Man, I was really hoping that there was a giveaway at that the end of this post! They are adorable :)


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