Let's Have a Party! Happy Birthday Jason!

June 29, 2014

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birrrrthday my love Jasonnnnn, haaaaappy birthdayyyy, toooooo youuuuu! 

In case you couldn't tell, that would be me singing Happy Birthday. And as I type this, I can hear him singing in the other room. He might even be singing Happy Birthday to himself...just another reason I love him haha. 

But seriously, I'm so lucky to have had (another) year with the love of my life! And I say it like that because he left on his birthday last year for Alabama, beginning our year apart, so needless to say, this year is a much happier birthday, for everyone! I did rock out his birthday cupcakes though last year.. The worst part of his day this year will be the 10 mile run on his training schedule..but that's only crappy for him haha..everything else though is pretty spot-on, day of worshiping God with some of our most favorite friends who are really brothers and sisters, and it's still the weekend..before a verrry long, long weekend ahead. (Yay! Back home to Kentucky for the 4th!) I fixed his favorite, my homemade lasagna, for supper Friday night, and this afternoon we went to eat his favorite, honey BBQ chicken tenders from BDubs. Then obviously we had to go get a cookie cake, his absolute favorite! He's just so handsome, I can hardly stand it! 

Polo: Ralph Lauren // Shorts: J. Crew // Shoes: Sperry Top-sider 

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