Summer Trends {The Sundress}

June 23, 2014

It doesn't get any more "classic summer" than the sundress. Easy to throw on and (almost) always just as comfortable as shorts and a tee, especially on those super hot days! Tell me you've never fluffed your skirt to get some cool air up under there. That's what I thought. Dresses also allow for much quicker outfit decision making since it's your whole outfit. No putting together the perfect pair of bottoms with a top and usually no worrying about wrinkles because they're already hung up and ready to go!

Three of my favorite styles this summer are fun florals, pastels, high necks (which I just happened to combine perfectly), and nautical. Perfect for daytime, evenings out with friends or you significant other, and on those chilly nights all you need is a fab pashmina to wrap around your shoulders! 


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