All You Need is Southern Shirt and...

July 29, 2014

This post is such a treat for me, featuring one of my absolute favorite southern brands, The Southern Shirt Company (SSCO)!  They were gracious enough to send over these amazing tees that have literally become my new favorites!  In the best colors and most comfortable material, it's hard to beat this company's products, (one of) the only thing missing from my collection is a SSCO Boardwalk Vneck Jersey!  Which are literally perfection when talking cute comfort.  Swoon.

SSCO is incredibly popular, not only for the comfort factor mentioned above, but their customer service is top notch!  They literally encourage interaction with customers, and I would bet that verrrry few, if any customer, goes unsatisfied.  But, back to the star of the post, the tees!  Which you can find at one of their many retailers

If you follow SSCO on Twitter, you've seen their recent tweets, "All you need are comfy shirts and _______."  So, I decided to insert my own "other needs" with my Southern Shirts!  Also, I'm not sure how, but they must have known my favorite color is mint and I'm in love with salmon/coral this summer, so perfect!  All of the shirts I'm wearing are mediums, the perfect size for "oversized."  The only issue I had, I washed them all together and the coral bled onto the two mint shirts, not super noticeable, but I would soak/wash your shirts alone first before putting them in with the wash, or sir a color-catcher sheet.  I haven't sprayed the shirts with stain removed and washed yet though which has worked in the past, so we'll see, but like I said, I've been wearing them anyway since it's not super obvious.  My bad!  I promise my mom taught me better than that.  

All you need are comfy shirts and Starbucks.

All you need are comfy shirts and Chick Fil-A.

All you need are comfy shirts and summer thunderstorms.

Which tee is your favorite?  Where would/do you wear your Southern Shirts?

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