Friday Favorites {Styling the Herringbone Vest}

July 25, 2014

First, let me say this...I apologize and yes, I know July isn't even over yet, but I can't get over this amazing vest that's coming my way and that's why it's my Friday Favorite! I realize most people can't fathom buying cool-weather clothing right now in the heat of the summer, but I'm telling you, if you want this vest in your closet, you better buy it now! I looked again today and all sizes are on back order till the middle of August, except XS, and they're on back order till November. It's only a matter of time till November comes up for the rest of the sizes and then the only available ones will be for sale on eBay for $200. Ridiculous. I had a couple requests for outfit ideas with the vests and hopefully, if you've been debating buying one (and the back order deal hasn't swayed you) hopefully these favorite looks of mine will help make up your mind! 

Herringbone Vest 1

Herringbone Vest 2

Herringbone Vest 3

Which of these is your favorite?? I love the leopard flats, leopard is the new neutral!

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