Summer Routine

July 21, 2014

Yeah, I don't have one. I cannot seem to stay in a routine to save my life this summer, whether it's blogging, grocery shopping, brushing my hair, you name it, it's suffered. Summer is supposed to be relaxing, especially for those of us with it "off." I'm still looking for a teaching job, beginning to panick because it keeps getting closer to time for schools to start back and still, nothing. Not to mention all of the travel and hosting we've done this summer, totally necessary after moving away from home, but tiring. This weekend is the first in several we'll have NOTHING to do and that's exactly what we plan on doing. Nothing. 

A quick run down of the last 3 weekends, the 4th in Kentucky, the next my parents came to visit, and this last, another quick trip to Kentucky for Jason's cousin's wedding. All of which I thoroughly enjoyed, and the weather could not have been better each weekend! Hopefully today will be the beginning of me getting back on track, especially since some exciting things are happening!

Just a couple moments from this last weekend, congrats to Adam and Melissa, I hope your marriage is just as wonderful and happy as ours has been! 

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  1. Ditto to losing a routine...
    Prayers for the right job to come your way!!


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