"Appy" Wednesday

July 30, 2014

That title...I'm hilarious, I know, you don't have to tell me, but I'm about to tell you about my favorite app!  There are so many apps out there, literally one for ev-ry-thing.  Everything.  For example, if you love reading blogs but hate opening each one to read individually, there's an app for that!  Bloglovin', to be exact, and recent updates have made the app much more user friendly and useful, all your favorite blogs in one place, and you can actually see the blog, not just the text/pictures of the post, and search for blogs!  

Really though, I'm digressing a bit from the main focus of this post, my new favorite app!  It comes from my favorite blogger, The College Prepster (CP)!  She now has her own app!  Pretty awesome, right?!  I find myself opening it up first thing with my cup of coffee in the mornings to read her latest post, and usually check later in the day for one of those two-a-days.  (Sorry, flashback to summer conditioning for soccer season, yikes.)  

I definitely recommend you check out her blog if you haven't already, and if you have, download the app!  And don't worry, according to CP, updates are coming with in-app links and such, but you can always go to the blog itself for links when you read/find something you fancy.  One day I hope I reach the level of having my own app.  Ahh, blog dreams...  Anyway, like I said, go download, go read, go!  Available for your iPhone and iPad here!

I also like how it shows you what you've already read! 

Have you downloaded College Prepster's app? Who are some of your favorite bloggers you would like to see create a blog app?

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