After Party Sale

August 15, 2014

It's one of my favorites times of the year, Lilly Pulitzer's end of summer sale!  It only happens twice a year and Monday's the day! Begins Monday and ends Wednesday, but if you've ever shopped the sale before, you know you better be up and ready to go come Monday morning!  It starts at 8 EST, so for all of us over here in central time, that mean 7am!  Which I've always been glad about because it's before work!  Or before school anyway.. 

I definitely recommend heading over to Lilly's website and getting your account set up before Monday because ain't nobody got time for that when you're trying to get fab things inbetween site crashes (which hopefully won't happen!) and things disappearing out of your bag!

My biggest tip, if you see something or a couple things you love and can't love without, put them in your bag, buy them, then go back for more. Shipping is free so multiple orders won't matter! Definitely the way to go and get the initial "frenzy" out of your system.  Also, research your size.  Check out the size chart ahead of time so you've got one less thing to worry about!  

Good luck and hope we don't crash the site Monday! 

(Obviously the clock has ticked down a bit since this ;) ) 

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