Gameday Giveaway

August 11, 2014

August is here, and that sadly means the end of summer, but also the beginning of college football season and that's definitely something worth getting excited for!

Tassel accessories have also been trending a bit lately and personally, I love them! They're simple and fun and so easily thrown on with any outfit.  They're also so easily customized!  So, in honor of my new tassel love and the beginning of college football season, I'm giving away a set of pearl bracelets with your choice of tassel color!  Yay!  Hopefully this will make the end of summer and a Monday seem less bad!  Below are some of my favorite outfit/tassel pairings along with the Rafflecopter widget with which you can enter! Good luck! 

The bracelets are made by yours truly, if you would like some of your own, click the link here

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  1. Black & white would be super cute and versatile!

  2. I didn't know you made these! That makes me love them even more! I kept seeing you wear these in your Instagram/Twitter posts and thought they were so cute!


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