School Supplies

August 06, 2014

The first day is just around the corner for all of you college students and may have already started for some of you!  I always loved shopping for school supplies; actually, I still do!  It's so hard for my to resist purchasing cute things, just the other day I almost bought a weenie dog tape dispenser for the teacher desk I hope to have one day.  Mostly because, if you spend long enough in a school, you'll find those often get stolen and everyone would know it was mine ha.  

Below I've put together some of my favorite things to start the school year off right with, from backpacks, to necessary supplies, to little gadgets and accessories you may not even realize you need yet! 

Here's to a wonderful start to the school year and I wish you all the best luck! Study hard and in the words of Mr. Feeny, "Do good."

School Supplies

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