Gingham & Lace

September 17, 2014

It's a daily battle whether I'm longing for fall or holding on to summer, this outfit clearly has a grip on summer. But oh well. If I haven't mentioned, I don't abide by the "no white after Labor Day" rule, especially when the temps still reach the 90's on a daily basis. I wear what I want. And I always want navy and white. Especially when gingham and lace are involved. 

And let me preface the photos...this is my attempt at photographing myself. Lawlz, I know, but I usually have to make Jason take my pictures and he's never super thrilled, and sometimes I get dressed to go places in the middle of the day when he's not home and by the time he is, I'm not about to change out of my giant tshirt to take pictures and hear him groan about it. So, we'll see if I can't do better in the future, but here it is. No judging. 

Gotta throw in some bloopers, right? 

So yeah, these bracelets from my shop were perfect with the outfit. They're probably my favorite! (Also, best photo in the entire post.) 

So, I'll forgive you for all the judging even though I said "no judging," because even I was hardcore judging as I was writing this post. Oh whale. The outfit was still cute, even if it was out of season and poorly photographed. 

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  1. I LOVE THIS OUTIFT! It perfectly captures the dressy-casual feel. Great post (:


  2. I love your outfit so much! My man is never too thrilled about me snatching him up in the middle of the day to take pictures either. Oh well! Haha

    Michaela || The Monogrammed Midwesterner


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