Fall Playlist {One}

October 03, 2014

To say I love music is an understatement, music can do so many things in one's life, especially good things!  I'm that person who loves the music so loud it feels like you're standing right in it, like you can feel it.  I guess I get the loud thing from my dad...he tends to like to rock out too :).  I can also listen to the same song over and over, even after I've already learned all the words to the song, so if a song ends up on more than one list, I'm definitely still listening to it like, every day. You can see all the great music I'm listening to by following my Spotify, and I definitely recommend doing so, especially my first fall playlist!  Personally I feel like I have really good taste in music...but maybe I'm a bit biased :). 

During the fall I tend to lean toward more love song, feel good music compared to more upbeat, dance-around-the-house music of the summer.  Good music causes scenes to play in my head when I listen to it, and that's when I know I've found something good!  When the scene turns into cool weather snuggles, sweaters, walking through the city with leaves falling, I've got a fall anthem on my hands.  Hence, how my playlists come together!  Anyway, follow me on Spotify, give my playlist a listen, and follow so we can listen together. :) 

Fall playlist

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