Friday Favorites {Desert Booties}

October 17, 2014

This season I'm loving the wedge/desert/lace up/whatever-you-call-it bootie!  I've been looking everywhere for the perfect pair, and had to have a pair to take to Chicago.  They're perfect for fall, especially the beginning when the weather it still on the warmer side!  Plus, the wedge makes them more comfortable to wear!  If you look around for them, there are so many variations of this style, I was actually surprised!  So I decided to put together a few of my favorites, maybe you'll see one you love! 

Desert booties

I found my pair at Burlington Coat Factory for $25! They're Madden Girl and I love them!  For those of you looking for a more affordable pair, also check J.C. Penny and Dillard's, they had a couple different pairs I looked at since I was on a time crunch looking for Chicago! 

Do you already have a pair or is this style something you've been looking to add to your closet?! 

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  1. Super cute!! I'm also being eyeing the Jessica Simpson Wedge Bootie, love them! Yours are super cute as well!


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