Hair Inspiration

October 09, 2014

Soooo tomorrow I'm getting my hair cut (yay!), in Chicago at Charles Ifergan. I. am. so. excited.  I'm always so picky about my hair and how's it's cut, I just let it grow and grow.  Which is not good.  Or attractive.  The last great color I has was from a salon in Nashville and I thought, why not squeeze in a great cut while in Chicago this weekend?

Thanks to a great deal on Living Social, I'm getting my hair cut at one of the top salons in Chicago for less than it would cost here at home.  Score one for me!  So of course I've been searching Pinterest for inspiration (maybe this time it will actually turn out like I want?), and I found a few looks I love!  Tell me what you think!  (And I realize my hair probably won't look like these curl and all, being mine is so fine and curl-less, but I have a feeling I'll be saying bye to a bit of hair!)

This is really as short as I would want to go.  I need my long hair. 

This would be perfect. I love this. 

I'm not getting my hair colored, but I found this, and I've been loving the balayage this season. I love the rose and caramel for fall!  And I'd totally go for the silver if I went blonde again. 

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