October 04, 2014

What have we done.  Do you know how many times I've asked myself this in the last week?  A lot.  Like, seriously, a. lot.  However, I look at that face, and fall in love all over again.  And no, I'm not talking about Jason.  

Everyone, meet Brooks!  The newest addition to our little family.  For a while we've talked/joked about getting a dog and then all a sudden, BAM.  We're at the pound looking at dogs, then going back the next day and bringing this guy home.  Oh my goodness...surprise!  

Brewster is use to dogs and actually loves them, but he's not super enthused with this 6 month old giant puppy.  That's right, 6 month old puppy.  Again, what. have. we. done.  I've had dogs all my life, Jason's had dogs, but they've been outside, run-around-wherever-they-want country dogs.  Apart from dog-sitting a couple dogs over Chriatmas, we had no idea what having a city-dog with a fenced-in yard is like.  We're learning though!  I'll leave that for later posts though haha, this one is all about introducing the sweetest little pound pup you've ever seen!  Welcome to the family Brooks!  (And he definitely already knows his name because we say it all. the. time. Ugh, puppy antics!) 

On our way home! 

First walk!

First bath! He was SO good! 

Take a gander at those giant puppy paws! 

Look at that face! Notice my door mat, before Brooks. 

Annnnd here is my door mat after leaving him out while we were at church..

Isn't his bowtie adorable?!

This face is what pulls me out of those panic moments and disregard the "dog smell."  (If anyone has any advice besides baths and candles, please share!) 

Also, my parents came in late, late last night to visit for the weekend, and BOY did they have a surprise when they woke up this morning.  Oops!  Meet your new grandchild! :) 

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